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Avatar and Signature Requests

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1 Avatar and Signature Requests on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:09 pm


I will take requests to make an avatar or signature for anyone who would like one.  Please dont let this sway you away from making your own.  I have done a few of them over the years so i have a somewhat limited knowledge of how to make a somewhat respectable signature.

If you would like me to attempt to make your and avatar or signature please make a new post and give me some information of possible subject material for the project. maybe what hobbies your into, favorite troops to use in war, etc... I just need something to start with.

Depending on the amount of requests and my current workload i can not say how long it will take me to create one of these for you. So... if you would like to have one in a timely fashion i would suggest you download photoshop or get good at mspaint and learn to make your own.  Otherwise your project is at the mercy of my time schedule Cool

If you do create your own signature or avatar you can make some dummy posts in this section to see how they look and make any changes instead of messing up other sections with unnecessary posts.

Thank you for your cooperation afro


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